World Peace is impossible

17 Aug

I know that most of us would love world peace. It’s an ideal, a great one. Something to look forward to. But the fact is, after an ideal is achieved, what then? The activists would be out of a mission. How many activists out there have a personality that could, like the old Roman General, settle down back in his farm after winning the battle? Most activists revel in the continual struggle against adversity, shining as a beacon of justice in the mire. That makes life worth living. That’s why we all love the terminator series.

I try to create a model of world peace in my mind, and all I see is that once a certain situation may stabilize, there are bound to be dissenting factors that will rebel against all the ‘pseudo-everyone-loves-everyone-niceness’ and there’ll be people to oppose these rebels, thus making peace impossible. How much tolerance can we learn for each other? And if diversity is inevitable, so would disparity in levels of tolerance. We as humans cannot agree to exercise our freedom of will with the responsibility that it requires. Thus our society is in a constant state of flux.

People, by nature, like to be respected, to be better than others. That in some cases creates grounds for inequality. I often wonder, also, that in many people’s secret hearts of hearts, there isn’t actually a desire for some form of wrongness in society. There was a little boy in Anne of Green Gables series who once declared he didn’t want to go to heaven. When asked why, he said that the Sunday school teacher claimed that in heaven, they would all float in the clouds playing musical instruments for eternity. It sounded horribly boring. To be sure, if heaven is really like that, I doubt that people would want to go to heaven at all. And world peace, in a way, would be heaven on earth. It’s unsettling. I’m not saying I don’t desire it, but can we force everyone to agree to this?

In the increasing world trend of activism, we live now in an age of hope. We live with the idea that we really can do something to save the world. We live in constant change and excitement. This is heightening our expectations of what we can do, as individuals, as teams, in solving world problems. Heightening our desire for action. For justice. Heightening our appetite for the doing.

When and if all the problems in the world are solved, what then? Suddenly, people will panic. What? Nothing else to participate in? Must we all go back to a life of living, of enjoying our family and friends? I do not think everyone will agree to this.

Fortunately, World peace will never happen. Thus, if ever we humans solve all main issues concerning inequality, the environmental and energy crisis, intolerance, disease…etc, there will always be minor issues to wrinkle out. The industry of activism will be able to as sustainable as wind power.

And we’ll always have to educate the next generation to heed history. I’m not optimistic about that either. A cartoonist once commented that he found himself drawing the same theme every decade or so, because man does not learn from history. The mistakes are repeated, with the stakes higher. World peace? Not gonna happen.


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