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23 Sep

我懷疑,今日台灣媒體最大的缺失,在於耐不住無聊,沒什麼判斷力. 雖說媒體不應把個人情結加諸於報導內容,但在選擇題材上,這是不得已的事情. 若一個受訪者說了十句,而媒體只挑了兩具報出來,會選擇哪兩句呢?當然是最刺激,最聳動的兩句! 而最刺激的兩句,往往是最偏頗的,甚至是玩笑話.

因此,政治新聞都變成了娛樂新聞; 娛樂新聞都變成了廣告版.

政界想紅,說些批評他人政見的話. 說的俏皮,你就是媒體寵兒.而批評是否需要提出更好的因應方案?





Not heros, but men

17 Sep

I do not believe in hero worship of political persons. They are merely civil servants. This does not mean that I suggest we despise them. Although it is true that some are better at their service than others, our vote, not our autograph books, is all the encouragement they need.

If we worship a political figure, we put undue pressure on them to be what they are not. We distract them from their duty and make them consider themselves. Disinterest in self is necessary for good service. Soon they will no longer be able to perform with efficiency the capability they were lauded for. All men are mortal; we have more public office spaces than there are men who can overcome the temptation of power. Don’t put on into a situation you yourself cannot resist.

Treat them with the attitude that you expect them to do their duty – criticize them, give them suggestions, vote for them when they’ve done well. A truly good civil servant will appreciate this, a mortal civil servant will be kept in line by this, a conniving power monger will be turned off by this.