7 Jul

Imagine a set of stairs leading to heaven. Have you got that in you mind already? A set of stairs that leads to heaven. Hold that image in your mind. Now think about it, what does it look like? Don’t scroll down just yet, think about it.






















I would bet that your stairs are narrow and either go up at more than a sixty degree angle, or spiral upwards. The steps are not wide – at most as wide as a man’s foot, and two people across. It might be made of transparent material, something that makes it appear ethereal and impossible…

Now why is that? Why would the first image that comes to our minds be steps that are narrow instead of wide? Going up at sharp angles instead of in gradual inclines? Because our minds are economical machines – we naturally calculate what is most efficient. What would be most efficient are stairs that do not take up too much air space over earth and do not use too much material. Uncomfortable climbing, yes, but who said the path to heaven is easy?


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