so if I sell you my memories…

3 Mar

There was an ocean, overcaststormreadystarkgreyanddrizzly
and the edge of every reason has a journey
there is also happiness, and it lives in the knowledge that oncetherewassunshineoverthehorizon
one feels the intensity of the waves
a titillating power that refuses to be acknowledged
that refuses to be anything but damning, strong
the beauty in an existence unstoppably unvain about its reality
sudden wings unfold, a sharp stab of startleddelight
oh dip toes in that madness, the richness and the darkness
fly low over the frothing mass that is the pre-storm ocean
the staple of centuries mythlorelegendromance
secrets of civilizations free from the scaple of an archeologist
we know this world in our twilight hours
and forget when we wake…

sell me your memories please my darlings
I haven’t a mean bone left in me.


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