a Time for Egypt: A new generation of reason

10 Feb

I have once had a friend of mine question what I do with model United Nations. He said that it is a propagation of existing systems and their fallacies. I found that idea intriguing, possible, but I told him that model UN is precisely a venue where we may learn how these exisiting systems with their fallacies work, and envision new forms of creating solutions. With the recent movement in Egypt, I’m seeing how new forms of solutions are being sought – and understanding why there is reluctance in certain quarters to accept this movement.


What we’re seeing right now is a fear, from the surrounding regimes and other nations who have an interest in the area. There’s fear about a movement that seems so far leaderless, there’s fear about the movement of a crowd that is suspected vulnerable to the preyings of specific forces – foreign intentions perhaps, a muslim agenda perhaps. There is this fear because in the old paradigm we expect that people are sheep. The way the Egyptian government has acted in this case shows how they expect that people are sheep – if we put down enough key people in the opposition, if we direct the media to sooth the people and make them believe themselves defeated, manipulated by ill-intentions, guided by the wiles of children – then the movement would dissipate and we’ll be stronger than ever.


There is fear by the Israeli government about this new Egypt. When from what I can see in the videos they have everything to gain from this movement – if they have nothing to hide. When you look at the way the young egyptian activists speak, the way they’re organized, when you look at the things they believe in, you understand that what they’re asking for is a government that works on reason, a government that serves with transparency and righteousness. What this movement is is a surge of reason and values that understand the rightful role of a governance towards its people.


“Don’t treat us like we are children. Treat us like we are men. Don’t treat us like anyone can trick us or try to fool us.” Wael Ghonim.


What the Israeli government fears is a departure from acceptance of Israel from merely the regime, but also an accounting from the people Egypt. Because when the Israeli government looks at the way they’ve handled the Palestinian situation they can see how unreasonable it is. Yet they persist because it ‘secures Israeli nationality’. If anything the government instigated apartheid raises the hackles of the youth in the middle east, especially considering the fact that they receive more information about situations in Palestine/Israel than we do from regional networks like Al Jazeera. What the Israeli government should understand is that they can no longer hide behind their fear of terrorism. Because what they might oppose in this new movement is not about terrorism. It’s not about extreme actions. It’s about a rule of reason and the rights of a people.


“This is not the time for us to settle scores. This is not the time to distribute cakes. This is not the time to spread ideologies. This is the Time for Egypt.” Wael Ghonim.


Support the Egyptian movement. They’re resetting what we can expect from our own governments, even among us apparently established democracies.


Quote source:

Subtitled Video of Wael Ghonim’s Emotional TV Interview



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