Neurology Class: Fun vids

12 May

As I’ve promised Bella I would send her the links to the really cool vids we’re watching in neurology class, might as well post them here for everyone’s perusal.

So here goes:

In our second class we talked about the evolution of the brain, which involved our human perception of what makes humans ‘superior’ to other species. This distinction blurs when we look at Bonobos, a chimpanzee living in the Congo and facing extinction due to the very human war going on there : (

Bonobo: our closest relatives?

More about Kanzi

Chimp makes plan

Flossing monkey

Joshua Klein, this super cute geek obsessed with crows, offers us a look into our future symbiotic relationship with this incredibly intelligent bird:

Vending machine designed for Crows

The smartest parrot Einstein

And could this be ‘Ant empathy’?

Ants rescue entrapped relatives

There is the isolated jungle theory for our evolution into standing humans, and the aquatic ape theory about our uniquely hairless state. See Elaine Morgan read charmingly on our origin.

Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes | Video on

2011 3/23 The World’s Most Dangerous Drug: Meth (National Geography documentary)

2011/3/30 Cannabis, the Evil Weed? (BBC)

Pubmed article Cannabis reward: biased towards the fairer sex?

2011/4/13 Our sensory systems. Beau Lotto will change your perception of what you perceive… and the possibilities in synethesia-ic reading.

Beau Lotto: Optical illusions show how we see

Keith Barry Does Brain Magic

omg I think this person is evil. Reminds me of ‘the invention of lying’


On loving your mother, phantom limbs and our favorite synethesia

Ramachandran on Your Mind

Your mirror neurons shaped our civilization

VS Ramandchandran: The Neurons that Shaped Civilization

And, the TED vid that got me into TED

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Powerful Stroke of Insight


Again, Ramachandran



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