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But We have Everything To Lose.

12 Oct

Yesterday when we went to try to see the National Holiday Performance in front of the Presidential Building, a middle-aged man, fairly respectably dressed and clean shaven, went up to Mike to speak to him.


Among the things he said, are:


“This is your wife? Oh, I cannot find girlfriend/wife… it is too late for me.”

“I am a genius.”

“I belong to the Impeach President Ma campaign. We need to impeach Ma and make me president.”

“I can save the nation.” (Does superman pose)

(points at my mouth) “I can fix your teeth, I am a dentist.”


at this point I was became aware that he is not just a friendly guy who wants to talk to us, but that he may be a friendly guy who is not very sane.

I feel sad that, in many cases here in Taiwan, sometimes the imagery we have of protests are of those led by the mentally deranged. The lone rickety truck coming down the road covered in handwritten white banners, loudspeakers proclaiming to people that “Taiwan is a democratic nation, a land of freedom, and because of that we shall reclaim DiaoYuTai Islands and unite with our fellow countrymen across the border. WE ARE THE GREAT CHINESE PEOPLE.” along with patriotic Maoist music blaring. The men waving banners at the police that said “Preserve the Chen Shuei-Bien Spirit, make Taiwan independent.” (Not the popular mascot: Chen is currently being charged for gross corruption/siphoning of national funds) . The guy on our facebook page claiming “To support renewable energy is to act as the mouthpiece of the Energy Bureau. It would be making the mistakes of our grandparents – THEY thought petroleum was a panacea to humanity’s needs. Now it is running out. WHAT IF WE SHOULD USE UP THE SUN?”


I’d like to think that they have sacrificed their brains due to the ills of our societal structure, that they have broken under the continuous barrage of injustice that was rained upon them, that they are trying to be the harbingers of truth, and somehow tipped so far into the truth that they came out into the other side – into paranoia. The reality may be more unfortunate. That we are such sheep, that those who work the hardest, who employ the most drastic moves, to get their voices heard, are those who have nothing to lose.


I should take a page from their book, perhaps.


Back to the man we met. I pointed in the direction where the crowd was going and made that we had to go see the parade, I went up to a police officer to ask for directions. Thankfully he drifted away to gestulate at other people. We were not successful in getting near the presidential building to view the performance, so we took some pictures of cops blockading the throughfares and then, went to have breakfast.