To employers in the US: Why becoming a Christian Scientist will Lower your Bottom Line

23 Nov

One of the debates in health care in the US now concerns the right of Catholic employers not to pay for birth control and abortions for their employees. Employers feel that they have sinned against God if they are forced to include birth control in their employee health benefits.

This is yet another example of the wonderful diversity and protection of minority rights that exists in the US of A. Catholic employers should not have to bear the sinful weight of preventing a rightful life to being born, or even conceived, on their shoulders.

But why stop here? The trait of an advanced society is its constant progress and inclusion of minority rights. In this case, it would not do to give only preferential treatment for Catholic employers, but also other employers with different beliefs. Take Christian Scientists. Christian Scientists believe that we should not interfere with the natural states of the human body with medicines.Instead, you show your faith in God when you pray for healing in sickness and injury, and if it is not God’s will to keep your beloved alive then you must accept this with humility and thanks in God’s providence.

It should be important for such legislators considering the rights and feelings of catholic employers to also include rights of other religious employers, otherwise these legislators may very well be accused of favoritism on affirmative action. So employers who are Christian Scientists should not be forced to offer their employees any health benefits at all. Instead, these conscientious employers will give their employees the benefit of their prayers.


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