A member that loses its function will cease to thrive…

17 Nov

I am concerned about initiating institutions that, in an attempt to heal those seriously injured/violated or forced into abusive industry, it fails to allow the industry that is an essential component of a healthful life.

It is not the artifice of the environment precisely that is injurious… rather it is its lack of connection to anything else – a life support system that presumes extreme resources must be devoted to healing – but fails to supply it with the usual ingredients of life at the crucial moment when the life-forms within it are ready.

Some of these places believe that they must try to supply the lost of affection that the child had failed to receive. Yet the individuals they have before them are no longer children – and their CURRENT self is also in need of nourishment.

It is then that individuals fall into a state of enforced rest, yet the vital energies available in the individual continue running. Running on nothing, these vital energies instead turn on the self. Becoming destructive forces as the individual sinks into fantasy, acquisitiveness, self-doubt, physical abuse of self and, occasionally, on others.

The need for industry can even be seen in the Taiwanese man who wrote a book of his abusive experiences at the hands of his nanny, from when he was 3 years old. Upon recollection, and following narration to his wife, he first regressed into an infantile state, and then used writing as a means to heal. In fact, he wrote a book that was published. Everyone I know who has read it find it a shock to the system.

I do not see anything restful about writing a book. The expression of psyche may be cathartic, but it was definitely industry. In fact, I would say that the industry of writing was itself therapeutic.

I believe that it is necessary, as soon as feasible after removing an individual from a traumatic environment, to discover ways in which the individual can be effectively useful and involved in a new community which was formed for that purpose. Even more importantly, these works must be real.


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