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Buy video games for your kids? You must be kidding me

31 Aug

When there are free game to play on the internet!


This is Urgent Evoke, a game commissioned by the World Bank to involve African youth in solving world problems. Criticisms concerning the goal of this this online game may be valid. However, it’s easy to make blanket statements and seek bla…nket solutions to the problems in a region(which is precisely what the World Bank has been accused of): However little, there is internet in Africa. If marketed right, there are still those you can reach on the continent, and even more you can reach at home!
Looking for an alternate reality game? Look no further! The World Without Oil game is an alternate reality that prepares the noggins for a not-so-unrealistic future scenario. Zombie Survival Guide? Give your kids some REAL survival skills!
Hooked on SimCity? Try EnerCities! Established by Intelligent Energy Europe, this game lets you master the energy needs of your sustainable city! You can play this either on their website or challenge your friends on facebook!
Also, look here for some games related to Climate Change!
Reviewing your vocabulary for a test? This fun vocab game puts more on the stake than your grades! For each answer you get right, the site donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme to feed hungry people!
Feeling smart? Levels of the vocab exercise can be changed to reflect better vocal abilities! Besides English, they also have Math, Geography, Chemistry, Humanities and Language Learning games! Simply click on “Change Subjects” on the right-hand corner of your vocab quizz.
For more games for kids, check out the UN World Food Programme’s recommendation of games for kids from ages 7 and below and up!

Food justice, just lift a finger

8 Aug

I’ve felt this for a while from meeting some local people from developing nations… and even in my own country – when kids are not given enough nutrition in their formative years, it has effects on their mental development. This is painful knowledge. I have great admiration for those who work in informing public nutrition and those that are trying to provide resources to the communities that lack access.

When children starve during critical formative years, the entire country’s future is in jeopardy. This is not a fair chance to struggling societies. The UN Food Program doesn’t just air-drop food to needy areas, it’s seeking cost-effective solutions that can revolutionarize the future of countries in vicious cycles. Definitely an org worth donating to.